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Tristan Ramus

'Experience has taught me weakness is not often found in the planning but in its execution.'
- Tristan Ramus -


In concentrating on growth strategy targets in line with a company’s objectives, the focus is kept on highly specialised sectors, structural growth markets and the backing of talented individuals. Tristan will also provide knowledge and experience to the board on optimising central and tertiary costs.


By working with management teams, stringent criteria are set to ensure a ruthless focus on key markets, and the subsequent sourcing and categorisation of acquisition targets to result in meaningful inorganic growth.


Within emerging staffing businesses, there is a tendency for a few individuals to acquire a lot of wealth in a short period of time; longer term careers are not considered and this is problematic. This can be countered by offering key employees strong share rewards and long-term career development and by instituting a talent attraction plan that is in motion even when headcount is optimised.


This is not simply about the provision of capital; a company can expect invaluable support, knowledge, experience and an extensive and highly connected network to assist in the rapid growth of its investments.


Learning and Development programs for principal employees are key, as such support ensures that managers and leaders are improving both quality and performance within a strong entrepreneurial culture.


Different sized companies require different management approaches and CEO’s must evolve as their business grows. Investment CEO’S are encouraged to come together in a collaborative fashion and so benefit from discussions of practical business issues with like-minded entrepreneurs.


People development is at the heart of Tristan’s approach, for he knows that it is the actions of each and every member of staff that shape a business and its fortunes.


Startup companies are fraught with risk but if they are executed effectively they can add significant EBIT for modest investment, as testified by a strong investment portfolio.


With direct access to many senior decision makers within the finance, banking and commerce sectors, as well as an extensive personal network, Tristan creates leverage for his clients wherever possible.


In a global marketplace swamped by manpower, it is vital to keep competitive by embracing cutting-edge technology and ensuring the most advanced investments
in the marketplace.

In Conclusion

'I encourage strong leadership in my investments to create a vision and culture that is filtered through the whole workforce. If the company and its employees do not understand why they exist, then the company shouldn’t expect others to buy into and invest in the offering. All of the above points of expertise have defined the success of my investments. They have allowed my teams to buck trends and provide year-on-year growth in declining markets.'

- Tristan Ramus -