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Tristan Ramus

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Who is Tristan Ramus

Tristan Ramus is a private investor who has built a reputation as a pioneer within the recruitment industry. He has developed one of the UK’s most successful recruitment platforms, Human Capital Investment Group (HCIG - now known as nGage Specialist Recruitment).

Positions Held

Tristan previously held the roles of Managing Director for Hamilton Bradshaw and the Chairman of HCIG, as well as holding Executive and Non-Executive Director board positions with the majority of his portfolio companies.

A Successful History

In 2006, he founded Hamilton Bradshaw with James Caan, specialising in buyouts and growth capital in the Human Capital markets. Since the firm's inception, he has acquired interests in 34 recruitment assets.

Growth Investment

Under his guidance, sales for the HCIG (nGage Specialist Recruitment) increased from £50-£275 million between 2007 and 2013, with the group achieving 47th position in Recruitment International magazine's Top 50 Global Report (2011) on staffing companies.

Goal Orientated

In November 2014, Tristan and his team successfully lead the exit and sale of HCIG (nGage Specialist Recruitment) through an MBO backed by Graphite Private Equity.


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Tristan Ramus

Tristan Ramus